Wadia 861 vs 861 se

Is there a sonic difference between the 861 and 861se.
The 861se has a special transport, do's this make it sound better? I’m interested in the 861 but have only heard the 861se.
Buy whichever one you can afford. The SE upgrade is $2k, and is not discounted, so I guess the question is whether you can find an 861se for under the upgrade cost for the 861. Every tweak and upgrade to a Wadia brings it closer to its full glory. Power cords can make a HUGE difference (Elrod Statement II has staggering benefits on the 27ix/270se), as can a power conditioner and a proper stand.

Agreed. Go with the 861 and upgrade later if necessary. I
went from 860 -> 861se so can't comment directly, but I've
been quite happy with my upgrade, although I'd certainly
attribute more benefit to the software/DAC changes.