Wadia 861 SE VS. Wadia 27ix v3.0/270 transport

hello someone has had to have heard the Wadia 861 SE player directly compared to the Wadia 27ix v3.0/270 transport combination. What were the sonic differences? Is the 861 SE as good as the above combination?
THe transport section on the SE is considerably better than the 270. The 861se is basically a 270se transport that uses Digimaster v2.4(32 times resampling from the 861 player) software(which has adjustable algorythms). Where as the 27ix uses Digimaster v1.2(64 times respampling). Both are exceptional. Im going to be trying a 270se transport with the 27ix regardless if it is any better or not. Flexibility(inputs and outputs provided) is virutally equal either way.
Mejames, Leisure7 over at Audio Asylum has compared the integrated to the seperates. Not sure about the exact model numbers however.
Wellfed close but no cigar. Leisure7 compared the 861 non SE version to the 27ix/270 combination. Was wondering have you heard the Wadia combination I'm speaking about? Was wondering how it would fare against your Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete? thanks Justin
Sorry, I have never heard the Wadia(s). The Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete is definitely worth an audition in any case.
Hi Mejames, I've always wondered about seperates vs. all in one player. For this one you might want to call Steve from Great Northern Sound, he might be able to give you a little more insight on this, just a thought.