Wadia 861 remote questions?

purchased a Wadia 27ix used notice that the remote I received is actually for a Wadia 861 has the same buttons and functions what I also notice is the remote has no seams where the top and bottom half would join together and their are no screws inside the battery compartment either wondering how this was assembled? And how would they service or repair it if their was a problem?
The remotes for the 27, the 270 and obviously the 861 are identical. I used to have an 850 and it's remote didn't have the left-right buttons - other than that it is identical, too.
Having no seams IMHO is one nice design feature of the remote. I guess the whole thing can be taken apart - in case of service - after removing the faceplate which seems to be of some sort of thin metal or plastic.
Take it to your doctor when visiting for your next x-ray scan! You might take a look inside the remote, too. :-)
I just looked at mine and I figure that because they are built in Ann Arbor where there a lot of Artists they use the same method as people that build ships in a bottle. all assembly is through the lense hole.
Hopefully you will never have a problem with the remote other than dropping the heavy sucker and breaking your toe, the coffee table glass top, or knocking out your family pet. I own an 861 and it appears as though the complete upper section containg all the buttons was set into the body of the remote and probably is removable. I don't plan on taking mine apart any time soon. Fortunately mine has never failed, with the exception of needing new batteries, and I expect it to last forever. You might email or call Great Northern Sound(Steve Huntley) if your curiosity gets the better of you. I'm sure he'll know the answer.