Wadia 861 or Oracle CD?

Looking to purchase a statement CD player until the DVD-A/ SACD war has ended.
Now using the Classe DAC/transport combination, but want to simplify with one box player.
Current system includes Rowland Concentra (integrated amp) with Sonus Faber Grand Pianos and Transparent interconnects and cables.
Thanks for your comments.
Why spend more to get less? Two companies with questionable stability and poor support. Consider the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 with MK 11 upgrade. Right up there with the best and for less money !
I would strongly consider mephisto II from audiomeca. Has the looks of an oracle (or at least comprable) with superb sound. I have compared it to the wadia in my system and liked this better. I have had mine for about a year and am delighted. Just a thought but if any questions drop me a note
I agree the Electro will do a better job then either of them, though may not look as snazy. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket get an accuphase DP-75v or an Audio Aero Capitole, both are deemed by many to be the best "one box players" out there. Good luck.
I've been reading a lot about getting a Sony SCD-1 and getting it modified via Richard Kern. Some folks are raving about it on Audio Assylum. I've had a 860 before. It's a good machine. 861 is a little better I'm sure. Add the new Levinson 390S to your list.

Also, Muse 9 Sig or a Thalia...
I have had the oracle transport for 4 months. It works and sounds wonderful! No need for support with great products. Incidently their support has been great too,for questions asked. I have compared it to the ones mentioned above and many others. It stood up very well for it's self. I also own an Mk.V turntable.