Wadia 861 GNSC Reference Upgrade

Can anyone comment on the Reference upgrade from GNSC. Was the difference huge or did you need to sit back and spend time with it. I understand that there is break in time involved with the upgrade. Did this upgrade bring your system closer to analog sound and would you recommend having it done? I have a simple one source system which consists of a Cary V-12R with the oil cap upgrade, Verity Audio Fideio speakers, Siltech IC's, Elrod PC's and Silver Audio symphony 48 speaker cables. Thank you in advance for any and all imput!
had a stock 861 intending to get the statement modification found a already statement modified 861 on audiogon anyway the difference was absolutely huge and is immediately apparent it's like a completely different machine. I'm sure the reference modification is very worthwhile sonically.
This might not be financially feasible for you, but I would consider getting all your upgrades done at once. You are entering a very slippery slope. I'm talking about going with the Statement and SE upgrades. Considering the cost and risk of making multiple shipments, plus the time of not having your source, it makes sense to do it all one time. Many people usually end-up eventually getting all this done. If you can't afford it, then go for the Reference upgrade.

that reminds me also the se transport upgrade is also worth their cost definitely. Steve Huntley is a excellent person to have available for this service.
Mine has the SE and the statement mods and it blew away the 861. I've not run it up against anything it couldn't hold it's own or beat!
Yes, the mods do sound significantly better. I also agree that if it is in your means, get the SE upgrade (this is a new transport mechanism) and either the Ref. or Statement mod. Definitely worth the price of admission. If you plan on doing this in stages I'm sure Steve would be happy to describe the best path. Good luck!
Hey, Let me ask some of you. What algorythm(Spelling) do ya'll use? I use the the C. Sometimes I use the A. Just depends on my mood.
Hey Philefreak,
How bout them Eagles? I have a Wadia 861 with a GNSC statement upgrade and I have changed every piece in my system over the last couple of years with the exception of my Wadia. Yes, I've had it modified, but every time I send it to Steve for something, I get it back sounding better than ever. Some day I plan on having the SE upgrade done. In the meantime, I have experimented with algorythm changes and I ultimately ended up on A.
I would agree that if you are doing an upgrade, you might as well go the whole hog. I have the SE with statement mods which I shipped half way round the world. I wouldn't change my Wadia for anything. I use algorithm A. B and C seem flat and lifeless in my system. The only thing that improved my Wadia was the addition of a Supratek preamp. Now that I'd recommend!
algorithm A PERIOD
I agree that algorithm A gives the music sparkle and life that doesn't seem as apparent in B and C. The difference is quite subtle, and perhaps I'd be hard pressed to guess which mode I was in if blinded. My general sense is that the top of the frequency is rolled-off slightly and more progressively with B and then C. This is in contradiction with the product manual, which claims 'an extended top' with B and C. On the 27ix, there is also a resolution enhancement, which I turn off. This enhancement gives the effect of more 'air', but I find it adds an unnatural decay to the instruments.

A second to Mejames' and Markvetnz's statements: "A" is my only choice, and my Supratek Chenin made a pre-amp vs no pre-amp believer out of me.
I use Algorithm B. I did not like Algo C as it seems that the midrange has been boosted, which (naturally) emphasizes the mids @ the expense of the rest of the spectrum. I listened to Algo A & here the music presented as tho one was sitting in, say, row C. The music is a bit in-your-face (just as it should be when one is in row C!). This is not always to my liking.
Algo B is a sort of mid-hall presentation. When you sit mid-hall, the room/hall acoustics come into play & the sound is more diffuse. The instruments, OTOH, can be better identified 'cuz the further away you go from the stage, the sound integrates/comes together. When one is in row C, the sound has just left the instruments on the stage & so the ear is flooded w/ individual sounds coming from each instrument. It's great in 1 way as you can hear each instrument but it's bad in another way as it gives the feeling of "separate sound". Algo B does a better job of giving you "together sound". (Ha! what funny terms I have coined!!! I couldn't think of any better way to describe the sound as I hear it. So, please bear w/ me).
Anyway, there are some rock CDs for which Algo A is best but most of my Jazz & Blues CDs I use Algo B.