Wadia 861 Basic Versus SE New Transport

Has anyone had the chance to compare the Wadia 861 Basic to the new Wadia 861-SE with the new Teac transport? If so, what were your impressions?
I heard a Wadia 2000s with a GNSC mode and it is a reference in detail and dynamics. So the new Wadia would be awesome in every way ( you must still mode it with GNSC if you want really hear what it can do ). I love Wadia and feel that it is the reference in natural sounding digital, I hope you purchase either one since it's all good. In audio Dennis
I saw your posting and wanted to help. I'm using a 861 Basic SE with Piega C10 Limited speakers, NBS Omega 1 cables (interconnect and speaker) with NBS Power cords. I also running with Lamm 2.1 amps and LL2 Preamp (single ended). I purchased it in September 2003 replacing a Levinson 36/37 combo (which it totally spanked). The Krells, Oracle, Sonys and Levinson 390S just didn't cut it. I heard about the release of the SE upgrade and sent it in early October. I got it back in just under 3 weeks. The upgrade gave the unit more transparency and the bass is more controlled. The midrange is more fleshed out and imaging is more focused. I didn't expect this across the board level of improvement and the $2000 upgrade was definitely worth it. Sadly, due to the poor economy, I'm contemplating selling it. It's used just over 2 months old and I going to miss it if I do. Hope this helps you.