Wadia 860X

Own 860X with a power snake cobra pc. Trying to match anolog output to Bat Vk30se pre amp. 1 volt,2,4 output? Don't like this cd player without tube pre amp. System consist of B&W n804, Jeff Rowland model 2, Bat Vk-30se, 860x, Transparent Super xlr + speaker wire, 3 Richard G, HT AC-11 power cords.
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I have seen 270/27ix connected to BAT VK-50SE and the 2 Volt output was used. Hope this helps.
How did this combo sound? 270/27, Vk-50se
I use an 860x direct to Pass Aleph 2s. I found that not only did I get the level that I wanted but the sound was much more dynamic and lively with the 4 volt output. Wadia seems to imply that the sound itself should not change, but I got a completely diffrent sound when I upped the output voltage. I have a friend who owns one as well and he experienced the same phenonmenon. I am getting a Powersnakes King Cobra for my 860x, how did you like what the Cobra did for your 860x. What do you think of the HT power cords?
to ejlif- i only have a lowly 830 but i compared the HT to a Mamba(not even black) and the HT seemed dark and too warm compared to the powersnake.
To compare the HT to the Cobra is not a fair comparison, the HT has a little haze over the midrange and in general has warm character, but for some weird reason has a very good synergy with my system. The Cobra upgrade to the 860x has to be the biggest tweak upgrade I've done to my system. This pc gave my system body, and weight that I've never heard before , also 3-d is better, bass control, dynamics, high frequency purity and refinement,inner detail, air, larger soundstage. You get the picture. Before auditioning the Cobra, I heard the Black Mamba and was very impressed, and happy with the performance of this cable, but after listening to the Cobra the weaknesses of the Black Mamba where reveiled. The Black Mamba didn't have the high frequency purity of the Cobra . Dynamics, body, where also missing. Once you hear the Cobra you can't go back. I wonder what the King Cobra is all about ? Good Luck Miguel.
The sound of the 270/27 & 50SE is absolutely superb. THere is slightly more detail using the Wadia directly into the amps (no 50SE). But (there is always a "but" is there not? :-) ... the sound with the BAT in the loop is somehow more dynamic and more "lush." It is a winner either way!
Question about the Transparent cables. What cables were evaluated before selecting the Supers and why were they selected over the other cables? Any thoughts to upgrade to Ultra's?.. I am considering switching to Transparent Ultras from Harmonic Techs. Also, I use the Black Mamba on my Sony SCD-777ES SACD player. Is the Cobra worth the extra $$$? Thanks for Himiguel.
To Mikeg: I evaluated the HT pro silwayII and 2 runs of pro 11 for my speakers. I think HT for the $ is hard to beat, but I feel it would be a downgrade for you. The only thing I would like to try is transparent int and HT speaker wires. Somebody told this would open up my soundstage. This one area where Transparent could do a better job. Transparent gives you more precision but you compromise openess. I wonder what the ULTRAS are like? Power Snake Cobra on the other hand is worth every $. Amazing pc that makes my system sing. If you listen to it you're done.
I tried HT pro silway II against the transparent supers (These were the old version and were not XLR) and decided on the HT. The supers had a fuller bass and mid bass but not as controlled as the HT, though there are times when the bass is very subdued on the Silways. Acoustic guitars seemed to be fuller and be a bit more real sounding with the transparents though some acoustics can be a bit thin...maybe i was projecting my preferences. The winning characteristic between the two cables, however, was in the upper frequency detail. On one recording, what was just hiss with the transparent turned out to be brushwork on a snare and highhat. The HT are very open with my system though at times they seem a little forward though the highs dont ever get harsh. Word of warning break HTs in well. My first set was supposed to be broken in but they really stank when i put them in. Sometime in the course of trying to figure out where to go next they under went a dramatic change..and this happened rather abruptly. Bass got fuller, thightened up a bunch and the highs smoothed out. I have VTL 185 monoblocks and 5.5 pre with an audio research CD-2 and dunlavy altheas and HT pro-9 speaker cables. I'm using stock power direct into the wall with dedicated power lines for the system. Himiguels comment abouth HT power cords being warm is interesting as some other people think they can be bright. Oh well, i need to do some work on the room before i embark on a power cord quest. cheers