Wadia 860 upgrade to 861

dust Wadia have available a upgrade for the 860 player to make it a 861
Check out Steve Huntley of Great Northern for that job at

Good luck!
Yes. You have the following upgrade options for your 860:


I just did the 860->861se upgrade (bought my 860 new in 12/97)
and it has been highly satisfying.
What was the cost for 860 to 861SE?
I just talked to Matt at Wadia 2/16/04 on this very subject. The upgrade is $2k 860>861 and $2k for 861>861SE. I asked if there were any package deals and his reply was "Funny you mention that, we've been considering a package price for awhile now. We plan to finalize a decision this week and I'll call you back on it. It would be a temporary discount when both upgrades are done at the same time. The discount would amount to $500 off the total."
Hope this helps.
That's alot of money to upgrade. You could buy a 861se on audiogon for under $6500. What's the going rate on the 860 of late? Perhaps with the discount, it would bring it closer, but still. Also, in terms of resale, I think there are some people don't like to purchase upgraded equipment regardless of whether it looks and sounds the same.
Having own most of the Wadia players,850,860,860x,861,861SE
If i had to do it over,I would by the 861SE in original form.First is the Resale value,and Second the transport mechanism is very different form the older 860+861's.
They are all great players,The 861SE is by far the most refined.