Wadia 860 - remote s not working

My remotes can not control the Wadia 860 CD player? Both the original Wadia remote and a Universal remote no longer will control the device. Must be something wrong within the player? Anyone ever experience this with Wadia gear?

Luckily the player is set for CD Playback, i.e. not using the external digital source inputs - and plays fine, however...

It does amplify a couple of issues --

1. The limited functionality afforded through the buttons on the front - basically Open, Play, Stop, Next, Previous and Volume up/down -- but no way to change the input, program tracks or perform any other function.

2. Where do you go for service? I sent an email to Wadia with no response, I don't live near the original dealer.

One of the pitfalls of niche technology I guess, markets change and you pray your equipment continues to work...
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Did you email Wadia/Audio Research in Minnetonka MN?
Audio research is doing service on Wadia Gear
Thanks for the pointer - I will contact them...
Check the original remote carefully. The rubber buttons have a lot of room to move around and sometimes get stuck underneath the metal remote housing causing that button to be "pressed" all the time. When that happens, nothing else works and the unit appears to be broken. Even if nothing appears to be wrong, still try only 1 remote at a time near the CD player. (Or take the batteries out).
May sound simple but try changing the batteries in the remote. Sometimes the IR beam intensity drops off as the batteries get weak. If both your universal and OEM remotes don't function with fresh batteries, then you most likely do have a problem with your unit.