Wadia 860 not ressponding to remote...Ideas?


I have a Wadia 860 CD player that has served me well for several years.

Occasionally it stops responding to the remote. In the past, unplugging it leaving it off for a few hours and plugging back fixes the problem. This time, however, still no go.

I have replaced the batterie in the remote and it is emmitting a strong signal.

Any suggestions as to make it wake up?

Many TIA

I have had a similar problem with one of my Krell amps.

When I bought the unit (new) the dealer told me that if that happens, turn off the power at the circuit breaker (on my dedicated line).

When the remote has quit working, and unplugging it doesn't help, I've gone to the breaker. It makes no sense to me, but so far it has always worked.

Don't ask me why,
Try programming a learning remote with your Wadia remote. See is it works any better than the stock one. Maybe the signal from the original remote is not a strong as you think. If that doesn't work (and assuming the front panel controls function normally), you have some type of problem with the IR receiver in the player that would probably need to be professionally repaired. I don't see any way at all that the CD player could know whether it was unplugged at the wall or switched off at the breaker.
My Wadia 850 was very sensitive to the direction of which the remote was pointed. Try is pointing directly at the player, if it works, then gradually move it away. When I called the factory, this was a "feature."
If one of the buttons gets slightly stuck under the cover piece on the face of the remote, it will fail to work properly...You might want to check all the keys and be sure that one of the bottons isn't stuck. The arrow or triangle shaped keys in particular can stick on occasion...

Feel fre to send me an email if the problem persists.