Wadia 860 DAC for Digital Audio system???

Is the DAC in my Wadia 860 up to current DAC standards?

Just getting into Computer Audio.
860's never been upgraded so I can only use 44.1KHz...
I would need to feed it with a USBto S/PDIF Bridge
(I was looking at the Halide Designs Bridge 1.01)
Silent PC with JRIver - streaming WAV files.

Does that make sense or should I go the dedicated DAC route?

I should note that the 860 sounds fantastic on CD's - no Pre-Amp - to Pass Labs x150 and Vandersteen 5's
It will work just fine I have been using my 781 with excellent results, there are a few obvious drawbacks but it will get you started in computer audio.
If you have any doubts, just take it t a store with you and ask to come it side by side with a different DAC. You may or may not hear a difference.
"Does that make sense or should I go the dedicated DAC route?
I would try using the 860's dac first since you already own it. Also, I would consider upgrading to an 861. It makes a big difference.