Wadia 850 vs Mark Levinson NO.39

I need suggestions fast! cuz i'm deciding on which unit to get. i'm thinking of hooking it up directly to my Audio Research VT100MKII(no pre-amp) along with a pair of Martin Logan Aeriusi and all Cardas wires.
I have a 39 and I feel that the volume control is not that great. In fact even the DAC portion is nothing compared to my SF proc 3. I never tried an 850 and my only experience with Wadia is a 6. I am just using it as a transport now and I think it is likely you will go the same route I did if U buy one.
I have a Wadia 860x connected directly to my Audio Research VT60 and Martin-Logan Aerius. I love the combination. Just upgraded from a Marantz CD-63. The difference was huge. The Wadia is a detail champ,with excell.bass. I'm using all AudioTruth cables.
I've used th '39 straight into a VT-100 Mk-I and loved the sound! The '39 is a bit quirky in that you must wait at least an hour if you unplug it to replug it (it will not play otherwise). Also, it didn't like my Tice micro-block PLC. Otherwise, the sound is first rate.
I have a 39 going direct into an Ayre V-3. Sound is amazingly detailed and full. Driving Audio Physic Virgos. I auditioned the Wadia and ONLY chose the 39 because of aesthetics in the end. (read - wife cast final vote!) Seriously, both units are first rate. However, both can benefit significantly from a well matched, dedicated preamp. I plan on listening to the ML 380S soon. Since the 39 and 380S are suuch a good match (and the myriad reviews support it), and the both units woorkf off the same remote, I chose ML. On their own going direct to such a good amp, you will be thrilled with either. For 1K less the Wadia may be a good deal.