Wadia 850 Digital Volume Setting?

I run a Wadia 850 direct to a Legacy Steradian processor and ML 334 via Tara Labs RSC interconnects to drive Legacy Focus speakers(4ohm/94db). The Wadia manual says it sounds best when operating in the upper half of the digital volume range. When listening to pop or jazz, normal listening is only in the 40-50% range. For classical, the normal listening range is more like 65-75%. The manual also says that the volume control switches are not user adjustable. Am I getting my money's worth out of the digital control or should I find someone to change the control switches?
Ms. there are quite a few threads regarding this subgect. Yes ther are different settings.
I used to have a Wadia 850. The volume control settings are pretty easy to change. All you have to do and take the cover off (w/the unit unplugged) and move some dip switches around. It will make a difference. You might email Wadia to get the dip switch settings first. The cover takes about 12 hex screws in the bottom. That's the most complicated step ...