Wadia 831

Can anyone tell me what difference is between Wadia models 830 and 831? What is going to be the price of this new model? Has anyone listened to it yet or is it still not released? Thanks, Rob
I am also curious about the 831. I talked to a Wadia dealer today and he said the 831 would sell at around $4,000. But he also said the future of the company is uncertain, so he had no prediction on when or if the 831 will start shipping.
I recently emailed Wadia asking several things, and among them was the new 831. Here is their response:About the Wadia 831 - We are very excited about this new unit as it will feature Swift Current technology from PowerDAC (Our Reference Digital Amplification Project)and will set a new standard in price to performance ratio for the industry. Additionally it will include a metal remote and introduce a stunning new cosmetic. Unfortunately there is no picture available at this time. Stay tuned for future developments. About Wadia Swift Current Technology: Conventional digital-to-analog converters perform current-to-voltage (I/V) conversion using feedback circuits based on operational amplifiers. Because the signal from the DAC chip consists of a series of step changes, the distortion introduced by this feedback circuit is a significant limitation on sonic performance. In contrast, the Swift Current circuit performs this I/V conversion with Wadia's patented current-conveyor integrated circuit (IC) that eliminates feedback. This bipolar IC consists of an innovative connection of Wilson current mirrors, an emitter degeneration compensation scheme to optimize transient response and stability, and a novel current mirror arrangement to enhance output impedance. John Schaffer Wadia Digital ------------- Hope this is helpful.