wadia 830 vs 16i


i currently have an 830 but a friend is looking to sell his 16i, in the process claiming 860 levels of performance. the question i have is...would moving from an 830 to a 16i be a step back, forward or sideways in terms of sound quality.

any opinions/observations greatly appreciated.

email Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound Company he can definitely answer your question.
A couple of years ago I replaced an 830 with a 16i. There was no comparison (in my system)- the 16i was much more to my liking. What I particularly remember was a massive improvement in bass performance and "palpability".

thanks everyone. everyone voted for the 16i, which i will assume matches the performance of an 860.
Wow, the power of one vote and the conclussions drawn from the single said vote with no comments as to the performance of the 16i v the 860. A huge extrapolation from unwritten data was performed! Must have found the info. elsewhere???