Wadia 830 or Cambridge 840C

I'm looking for a CDP, right now an older Wadia 830 is for sale for about the same price as a new Cambridge 840C. Can anyone help with some sort of comparison? Thanks! Trying to not go over $1500 and would really prefer closer to $1000..

My system:

PrimaLuna Prologue 2
ProAc Tablette Sig Ref monitors
Rega P3 TT
I had a Wadia 830, which I traded up to an 860. I think the 830 had a transport which called for loading CD's "upside down" (compared to the usual). You might double-check on availability of spare parts for that transport (which you should be able to do with Wadia). Other than that, I really thought the 830 was terrific. The Wadia sound (at that time) some might describe as analytical, but it was also very solid, super with pianos, details (cymbals were right there), vocals. Heresy to say so, but I somewhat regretted the trade up, because the 830 was a bit more forgiving of imperfections in the source material, while still sounding quite amazing in its retrieval of detail and solidity. (I eventually had Great Northern Sound upgrade my 860, which turned it into a different animal, but that's another story--though I still have it and use it, and for many things, nothing can touch it, though I also use an EAR Acute.)

I haven't heard the Cambridge, so can't help you there, but hope this can give you some idea of what you'd get with the 830. Wadias were/are built like tanks, and are beautiful machines.
Thank you for the input on the Wadia....I'm hoping someone has heard both and can make some observations....I'm wondering if the technology for players has changed enough over the last several years or if an older player like the Wadia is still better....
If the 830 played CDs "upside down", meaning shiny side up, the transport was probably a Pioneer stable platter.
I've owned both a GNSC modded 830 as well as the 840c. There's no doubt that the 840c is an excellent CP player for the money with an excellent set of features (digital in, digital out). But... my GNSC modded 830 was exceptional. I sold it because I wanted a transport with digital out and my 830 didn't have that. Before you take the plunge, you may want to give Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound a call. He's an excellent resource and will give you an honest opinion of the 830. Since the stable transport it uses is no longer available, that may be a consideration... Steve can answer that question.

I'm currently using an Oracle CD transport which I love but... I think I'll always miss that GNSC modded 830.
Good idea to call Steve, I've spoken to him in the past and he's always helpful and generous with his time. Thanks.