Wadia 830 laser impossible to source?

My beloved wadia 830 laser finally called it quits. This is the CMK-54Xt pioneer stable platter version. Anyone have any ideas where I should begin my search? This player sounds so good through my system as I’m using it for its preamp ability as well as a CD player. Thanks, Mark. 
Thanks George, 
one of those web sites is defunct and one you have to buy 10 lasers at a time. The other is eBay for $250,00 used. There has to be somewhere tat must have some new old stock. That’s what I’m trying to get. 
Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated, Mark
How certain are you that it actually is a dead laser beam?
Personally every player I have owned which went belly up it was never actually the laser.
It was a capacitor, or a loose harness connection. Or the motor lost one portion of the start up. (and that too was due to capacitors)
So IMO most of the 'replace laser' jobs could be replace a capacitor.
How certain are you that it actually is a dead laser beam?

It’s 19 years old now, my bet’s on the laser, unless the OP's overlooked belts gears and such.

Cheers George
I have a great tech close by and that’s what he told me to start looking for. It’s old but the sound is worth it. I just need to source a new laser. Either a CMK-54Xt or a PEA-1343. Those might even be the same I’m not completely sure. 
Thanks for all of the replies, Mark. 
Either a CMK-54Xt or a PEA-1343.
You my find that one is the whole mech and the other is just the laser, that's how it works with other brands eg Sanyo.

Cheers George
Thank you George, 
i would like to purchase a hole new assembly.