wadia 830 compared to cary 303/200

If anyone has had experience with these 2 cdp's could you please describe their strong/weak points..also which do you think would sound better with my system.
classe 10 amp or aragon 4004 ii
aragon 24k pre which I would bypass w /cdp
altec horn speakers
Thanks, Larry
I owned both CD players and without a doubt the Wadia 830 is, in my opinion, superior in every musical way to the Cary CD 303/200. Better highs, better lows, much-much better midrange, greater dynamics, greater resolution, and list goes on and on. I am to understand that the new Cary 303/300 is much better than the previous Cary 303/200, but in my system and listening room it was not even a competition.

For what it is worth, I now have a NorthStar 192 DAC and Transport combo that I feel is as good as I have heard for under $5K. It has many of the Wadia qualities along with greater depth and definition. That being said, it was a mistake for me to sell the Wadia 830 when I did. It is one of my transactions that I regret.

Listen to them both and see what you think. Good luck to you on your journey.

I'm sure you've already bought a CDP but if it's any consolation I've had my 830 for 6 1/2 yrs. I bought it new and it has definitely been worth every penny of the $3,000. I paid for it. I love it and have not had a strong urge to sell it. I have had no problems with the unit either.

I'll chime in on the Wadia 830 too, I have had mine for about 3 years and it has easily ass whipped some highly regarded units in my system including the latest Cary which I wanted to like very much but... well, I still have my Wadia. Wadia is offering an upgrade to the 830 which might breathe new life into these older machines making them better than ever.

good listening