Wadia 830

I think there was also a 830i. I haven't kept up much on digital lately. Did Wadia ever come out with an later model on the same line as this particular model?

Also what does Wadia offer in terms of a dac, that would be as good as what the 830(i) did?

Any tube based dacs out there that are the same quaility as Wadia? If there older that is ok.

The Wadia 830 was replaced by the 301 which has now been replaced by the 302 (which is essentially the same as the 301, except that it's based on a Phillips mechanism because Pioneer is no longer providing OEM quantities of the stable platter mechanism).

Wadia didn't build a DAC that was based on the DAC section of these players though. Their thought is that at this price level, it was the best value to an integrated cd player.

There was never an "i" version of the 830 except that some people refer to 830's with the digital input option as 830i...

I'll leave DAC recommendations to others.

Hope it helps.

Thanks, I read a little on the 301. I may be interested to try it some day. By then I'm sure there will be a 303 or 909 or something like that available to replace the current 302.

I think I prefer the look of the 830 though....