Wadia 8 Transport!

Could anyone tell me about this Transport? I'm trying buy this one, but seems like it's really hard to find the information of this product. Plz, write some information and resonable price range, if you guys have any clue about this transport. Thanks and happy holiday to everyone.
Here's one on eBay - http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1202816583
check out the granite audio 650 www.graniteaudio.com and/http://audiogo1.iserver.net/cgi-bin/classa5.pl?0&1&adlr&Questforsound&home&or
Wadia 8 is a super trasnport especially when you hook up a nice power cord. Avg price is $1200.00 box.
We came upon a Wadia 8 Transport by way of one of our customers. He used it as payment for some mod work we did on some 300B SE monoblocks. We needed a transport to use with our MSB Platinum DAC. We wanted a first class front end to go with our Joule preamp and our own 1 watt 45 SE to demo our new model of speaker. The system performs flawlessly. Although the Arcam FMJ, which we had been using is an excellent CD player, it's a few steps behind the Wadia MSB combo. There is no digital edge or grain associated with this combo. One of my customers rates this combo as being as good as the Accuphase 75. Who am I to argue?