Wadia 8 CD Transport

Hello Everyone,
Is there anyone out there an owner of the Wadia 8 CD Transport? I am about to get one to replace my DVD Player as a transport. I have move from DVD Players to DVD Players find the best one use for CD Transport. I started with the Sony DVP-S7000 then to Pioneer DV-09 now Denon DVD 5000. The best one I like the most is the Denon DVD 5000. It has the best CD play back sound out of all of them. Now I would like to try a true CD Player. So if anyone could give me some inputs. Thank You

Wadia 8 is a CD player
Wadia 8 is not a CD Player (but transport and excellent one as well)
Wadia "8" was actually a prefix code for Sacramemto, CA telephone numbers in the 1940's.