Wadia 781i compared to 581-SE

Anyone compared the Wadia 581-SE to the 781i?.

Thanks in advance.
I just upgraded my 581se to a 781 and it sounds pretty phenomenal. After only a few hours I hear more detail emerging from a quieter background. I will try and get back to you after a substantial burn-in. The Wadia guys were great to work with (this my 4th Wadia).
I did the same upgrade as Droberson, 581i SE to 781i. The 781 is many steps ahead of the 581, but at 50% more money. I am now listening to music. The 781 is more of everything that the 581 was, but again the 581 is a great player. The 781 is more open, detailed, liquid, analogue. It is musical and does nothing to get in the way of the sound. I have strived for neutrality as this is what I want to hear, the music. And, I am exposed to live music daily. Clearly, the next step, that I will not take, is at the $20K range and beyond. Are there other players comparable to the 781? Probably yes. But for now, I am done until streaming music can give me the same results.