wadia 781i

hello, can someone help with wadia 781i repair? we have diagnosed the problem and need a replacement module. i wrote to wadia; no reply.
I think there is a supplier in CA that picked up the spare parts.  If you call support on the wadia website I think they will give you the number.

Great dac as it has the latest cream of the crop R2R chips in it, Burr Brown (Texas Instruments) 4 x PCM1704-K, and with it’s perfectly transparent digital domain volume control use it direct into the amp/s, it can be adjusted so that it never "bit strips"

Wadia:Optimizing the Output Level
Best performance is obtained when operating the Wadia Volume Control near the top of its range.
If needed, the maximum output level of your Wadia 581se/781i CD Player can be adjusted to match the overall sensitivity of your system so that the critical listening will take place with the volume control operating near the top of its range.
The maximum output level of the Wadia 581se/781i CD Player is adjustable by means of a set of internal switches.
The Wadia 581se/781i CD Player is factory set to accommodate the most common range of system sensitivity.
If you find that your typical volume level during critical listening is below 65 on the volume display, it will be advantageous to use a different higher setting to >75.
Cheers George
Thanks. George Meyer AV has responded. I have sent the picture with the module at fault. Awaiting reply. 
Let us now how the experience is.  My neighbor and I both have 321 DACS and I plan on keeping mine for awhile.  So would be interested to know.  I actually called them last year just to chat and got the warm fuzzy. 
i sent them a picture of the circuit board with the part circled. Sadly they do not have the required part.