Wadia 781

Is the machine on the market? Some who have heard it?

Not yet. Still in R&D.
Yes, first one shipped out late last week.
Just spoke with John Schafer from Wadia, He has this to say. Significant improvement over the 581SE. It has better all around dynamics, but more importantly better image deliniation from quieter sapces (darker some may say, but not correct if there's info going on arong performers, instruments etc.) It picks up the micro dynamics so well that it gives the information of what's happening around the images (if the recording is up to it. Most aren't even close)Pace is improved. It is overal more involving.It's advanced technology over the 581. I'm swapping into one after I sell my 581SE.
Is this real, or just hype? Who has had the opportunity to listen and then make a call?
Any news???

Kawika, What is the "new technology"?
That's a great question because no one so far has been able to give me a real answer. It's supposed to be "improved" but no one seems to be able to explicitly indicate what actually changed internally from the 581se.
A careful review of the specs has revealed something interesting. The new technology in the 781 weighs 2 lbs more than the old technology in the 581. So there you have it. In terms of advanced circuitry and the like, much can be done within the confines of an additional 2 pounds.

The 781 is clearly more involving than the 581, at least in regards to carrying it.

However, the weight in kilograms does not differ between the 581 and 781. So perhaps they are only using the new technology in units destined for the US. I personally find this to be unfair. Perhaps it has something to do with an allowable import weight and VAT.

I'm sure Wadia will provide an update on their website within the next 3-5 years.
Is there anyone who actually has heard the 781, and can come with their experience?

Thinking of upgrading my 581se.

I know the 781 quite well...have lived with one for a couple months now and am also quite familiar with it's design from technical standpoint. It's a clearly obvious step forward from the 581SE the second you hear it, I definately would recommend updating your 581SE to the 781 level if you have the means to do so. You won't regret it.

The 781 uses a completely new and different power supply topology and it really takes the unit to a new level. There are other differences as well but the power supply change is the big one. As everyone knows, the power supply is the foundation for good sound....the 581SE is no sloch in that department, but this is in a different league.

Hope it helps,
Steve Huntley
What is the cost of upgrading the 581se to the 781's level?
You can set it up through your dealer. In the US it costs $5000 to go from 581SE to 781 status. It's $3500 if your 581 is an "i" version. Part of the 781 upgrade is inclusion of digital inputs and outputs thus the difference in price. Also if someone had a non-SE version of the 581 it costs more to update to 781 level than if it is an SE version.
@Gnsc: Thank you for your reply.

Is there anyone who knows, if there will be a 781 (non i version)?
@Gnsc: Can you describe the sound difference between 581se with the GNSC Statement mods and 781? Will GNSC come with mods to 781?
GNSC, Could you improve the power supply in a Lexicon RT-20??