Wadia 631 grainy and "dirty" sounding vs ML 390s

I have heard the ML 390S. Excellent player. However, I have been told in comparison that the ML 390S is cleaner sounding compared to the Wadia 631 which sounds "dirty" in comparison. Does anyone else have a similar response?

Are there any other players in the 7K-8K range that exceeds these two in performance, build etc?
I cannot remember if I have heard these models, but I have heard many ML's and Wadias on very revealing systems since I live near a shop that sells both. I think both are excellent brands in general and offer some of the best CD playback available. I think both are vastly better than most digital in the marketplace regardless of upsampling, oversampling, SACD, DVD etc. I will say this, I had an extended listening session at this shop a couple of years ago and heard the Wadia 861 and thought it was superb. Very natural sounding and musical. It really held my attention and was listenable for a long period of time. If you want to hear another great player, I think the Capitole Aero is right up there with these. Someone told me that they recently heard a new MSB Player on the market which they thought was unusually good.
Those are very good players IMO, and I would agree that the ML could have the edge over the 631 (but perhpas not the bigger Wadia). As to "better" sounding one-piece cdp's, it's a matter of taste; my tastes (classical music) would opt for a Lindemann (the big cd/sacd model) or an A. Aero Capitole.

As to build quality -- I find of the above players very good -- comparatively speaking
Dbk, just FYI ...There is no model from Wadia called the 631. There is an 861, there was a 301...and many other players over the years but never a 631. Are you referring to the 861?
I have owned both and give the upper hand to Wadia.
Gnsc -- good point. I was referring to the standard 861. Thanks
I personally found the ML 390S to be the more musical unit than the two Wadias I had heard and bought the ML (which I subsequently sold for an Accuphase which in turn I then sold for a 47 labs transport and Audio Note Dac). I would not characterize the Wadia as "dirty" though by any stretch of the imagination...

The Audio Aero Capitole CDP and used Burmester CD001 (at ~7k) are also exceptional players with very different sounds. Which is best will depend on your preferences and your system... which of course brings the question: what gear is in your system?