Wadia 581 vs EMM CDSA SE

I am in the market to get a new cd player. I am currently looking at the Wadia 581, EMM CDSA SE, AMR CD-77.

Has anyone compared these units.
Hi Dev,

If all goes well, I should be getting hold of the AMR CD-77 in a few weeks and be able to compare it to the EMM CDSA SE in my own system, as well as my friend's system (he also has the CDSA SE).
Haven't heard the EMM or 581 (though I've owned a few Wadias) but the 77 in my system was very impressive. Lovely, fluid sound.
Fsarc, were you able to audition the AMR CD-77 against your Meitner single-box player as you had hoped several months ago?

I'm also curious to know about the difference between these players. I actually want to buy either the Wadia 581 with GNSC statement mod or the EMM-Labs CDSA SE. Believe they will roughly cost the same.

I will be using the Wadia with my Levinson Nr 32 pre-amp and not run it directly to the power-amps. Think that the general opinion is that it is better to use a high quality pre-amp with Wadia instead of using the inbuild pre-amp in the Wadia unit.

Has anyone compared these 2 players?