Wadia 581 vs 27ix and 270

For those lucky enough to be able to compare, just curious as to your thoughts. Additional info appreciated, direct vs preamp and type of preamp etc.

I can only say something about 270/27 directly vs preamp. The two pres I have are AudioResearch SP 14 and Burmester 808 MKII. In both cases the Wadias' direct connection to the Poweramp (McIntosh MC 2000) is superior to the chain with a pre. The sound is different with a pre but as far as I can tell not better.
If you take the 581 with the GNSC Ref. Level mods. it´s better than the 270 Se / 27ix combo. We did the comparison in a shoot-out and it was a clear vote.
Just curious, did you test GNSC 581 against GNSC 270SE/27i?
No. I tested GNSC 581 vs. 270 SE + 27ix V 3 -without mods. But if you consider the huge price difference between the GNSC modded 581 and the 270 SE + 27ix combo the combo is overprized.
Frankpiet: What were the differences you heard in your shoot-out to give a "clear vote"?
Ral: we have posted all our findings on the gon..

i looked and never found your comments. please redirect.

It is insane that one is buying a $$ unit and knowing that it should be moded before it comes into full expression.

A more interesting comparison pricewise would have been a Statement modded 861se