Wadia 581 versus Sony XA9000ES for redbook CD?

Has anyone made a comparison using analog outs & a preamp?
Am I right in guessing Wadia purchasers would never even 'consider' mass market Sony?
Or maybe they simply aren't in the same league that someone would bother comparing them?
Thanks Bar81, that's exactly what I'm wondering. Without the chance to audition the pieces all I can do is go by reviews and they both get high recommendations. I noticed you've got the 861se GNSC Statement Edition. Any chance you had a chance to hear the XA9000ES in a system approaching your quality?
Sorry, have yet to hear the Sony unit.
Bar, have you heard the Lexicon RT20?
Not that one either I'm afraid; however, if it sounds anything like Levinson's last digital player I'd stick with the Wadia.