Wadia 581 SE vs 781

I would like to hear Wadia owners opinions. If you have had or auditioned both the 581-SE and the 781 what is your opinion of the sound differences. I have a 581-SE presently and I'm thinking of the upgrade to the 781.
I would stick with the 581 as I don't think the difference in sound quality is worth the cost differential. As an alternative, you may want to consider sending the 581 to Steve at Great Northern. He will have your 581 outperforming a stock 781 for less money.

According to the GNSC website, Steve is only upgrading current Wadia models that are purchased from him.
If you are in no hurry wait for the 981.
If you are really not in a hurry considering it has been canceled and Wadia will no longer comment on if and when the 981 project will be revived. It seems that they are more interested in their new 1 series units which, to be fair, is probably keeping them in the black.
I remember seen somewhere indicating that the transport on the 781i is either LG/Samsung made in Korea, as opposed to the TEAC's on the 581i made in Japan. I've been considering to purchase either one but I really don't want to spend big chunk of $ if it's made by LG/Samsung. Can someone please tell me if you had any issue with 781i transport?
Hi Solaris4ever,

the transport inside the 581 and 781 is the same; it could be Sanyo modified by Wadia Digital.

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