wadia 581 My 581 skips and doesn't recognize sacd

Anyone else had a problem with a wadia 581 skipping and not recognizing sacd's. I'm about to throw mine out the window. It's the 581 with plastic remote. Cd's are hot enough to melt. I have the side vents. I clean my cd's religously. Any ideas? i've had a lot of players and transport problems are usually a bad sign. I hope someone has good news.
Instead of throwing it out the window, why not return it to Wadia for diagnosis and repair?

Thanks Rob. I just thought that maybe someone had a similar problem and it was a transport that had been dicontinued early on in the production teething phase. In my experience sacd transports just don't work. I can't believe I was dumb enough to buy another one. I wanted the no pre-amp option on the Wadia and I thought that if anyone would get it right Wadia would. I've had the early DCS/ Marantz SA-1/ Krell SACD standard and now the Wadia. All with botched transports. The others never were really fixed. DCS to their credit replaced it (took three months).Marantz just gave up and gave me my money back. The Krell worked but you could hear it across the room. I'll get this fixed/ sell it and buy the first cd pro-2 based player I see and never give it up. Thanks again.
I have no problems of any kind, with either CD or SACD, including ability to select between the two on dual layer disks (which was another problem I have heard about on very early models).
And no overheating as well.
Send it to Wadia.
If they cannot fix it, I would ask for a refund. That would be reasonable. For that amount of money, it should be flawless. It is probably an early production problem, and they should support early adopters.

Sorry you are having such bad luck.

I had the same problem with the 581 although mine did not overheat. Take it back to the dealer/distibutor and get it swapped for a 581se.
Thanks guys. I'm sending it in for the SE upgrade. I'm told that is the magic bullet for these issues. I really love the sound when it works.
I hope you're not paying for that upgrade. If that's what it takes to cure your units problems then it should be free. You should not have had to put up with those problems in the first place so they should make it right!
They will fix it for free. But you can also get the SE upgrade. It is a known issue with the 581. Mine did that and I sent it back to them and the fixed it with a software upgrade.
Well I owe Wadia and my fellow audiogoners a final word on this thread. I got my 581 back after the SE upgrade and am very impressed. I am running it direct into Pass Labs XA60 monoblocks and am very happy with the result. I believe the digital volume control is important and I would encourage anyone trying this machine to get the dip switches right on the output. Thanks for the responses.