wadia 581, accuphase dp75, aero capital mkII, Mbl

I'm looking for a new CD player to replace my ayre cx7. In my system the ayre sounds a bit forward and cold, and am looking for more of a warm analogue like sound. Anyone familiar with the relative "sound" of accuphase, wadia, aero, and mbl? These seem to be all highly regarded players, but I'm wondering which will give me the sound I want while preserving nuance, soundstage, imaging and bass which are very important to me. Any thoughts? Thanks

Wadias tend to sound mechanical with good clarity and an okay soundstage.

Accuphase nicely built but with okay sound.

Audio Aero can sound thin but tweek up nice and have a great soundstage.

MBL I haven't heard their less expensive stuff, but I have heard all MBL systems and the sound has been very good.

The Audio Aero is tubed but not tooby sounding.

We are awaiting a sample of the new AMR CD 77. This thing may be the greatest breakthrough in CD sound and it is affordable at $8,500.00 the word on the grape vine is this player was directly compared to the $43,000 Zanden combo and the AMR sounds exceedingly similar. I have heard a story that this player has laid waste to a $30k DCS stack and $20k EMM Labs stack as well.

I don't know I am still waiting to hear one, but if the grape vine is correct this is a very musical and afforodable reference player with a very musical analog like sound.

I will post my findings as soon as the importer sends one to my shop, check out the preliminary findings on sixmoons and tell me what you think.
Hi, the AMR might be a very impressive piece of gear, but does it also sound musical? A unit that consists of a collection of the best components that can be had is not necessarily a musical sounding unit. More important factors are choice of components (not necessarily the best components in the world) and the implementation of technology. How about reliability and availability of spare parts for now and in the future? Have you auditioned the unit and compared it to other top flight CD-players like the Reimyo or Esoteric? Btw, does it sound "analog-like"?

MBL 1531 has the EXACT qualities that you are looking for. It is a superb player. I got one after trying in my system AA Capitole Reference, AA Capitole Reference SE, AA SACD Prestige SE and EMM Labs DCC2/CDSD (non Signature combo).
Dazzdax, I heard the AMR at CES and was thoroughly impressed. Analog is my reference, and I see the AMR as being much closer to the music than other players. I cannot speak for reliability but have no reservations about the designers and the company. In the end the performance will speak for itself. I too will be getting a CD-77 soon.
Thanks for the feedback. I just took delivery of the MBL 1531 and am very impressed with the sound--much more natural, airy, spacial resolution, no harshness at all...not what I would consider warm or analogue like (Was using the Ayre Cx7e before). Hard to explain, but I'd say the sound is delicate, transparent and incredibly refined. As an example, I hear the "breathiness" (is this a word?)of female vocals now that I did not before. I'm not overcome by power or dynamics of the musical presentation, but amazed by the sheer beauty of it. With it my speakers (Dali MS4) have some of the characteristics of electrostatic speakers I previously owned, but with much more fullness and richness to the sound. It's not broken in yet, but I can't wait to see how it evolves! (FYI- associated components are First sound MKII preamp with paramount upgrade, Shunyata hydra 8 and richard gray 1200s power conditioning, audience Au24 speaker cable)