Can anyone tell me which is a better player?Which one has more details,sounds more dynamic n more transparent?Thanks
can't comment on the 381 as i've never demoed it. can tell you the pw combo is outstanding. my digital source hunt ended after giving it a listen. took a while to tweek them to perfection (ic's, pc's, isolation) but once it's set up right....it's digital heavan imho.

strongly recommend giving it a try
Thanks for your input,Levy03.I personally have heard both of the players.But they were set up differently coz the cables n wires used were different.I thought it was not a very good comparison.After auditioned them for a few occasions,Wadia 381 sounded more composed n more focus to me although the output of the PW combo seems to be higher.The PW combo also sounded more dynamic in the system which I heard.But again,as I have described,the cables n wires make a lot difference.Is there anyone who is very familiar with these two machines?Thanks
a few of us pw owners have found them to be very tweek sensitive. ic's as well as pc's really do change the sound. that's where personal preference kicks in regarding your desired end result/sound. ps audio even says so much on their web site.... but then they sell the stuff too =). regardless, i (and other agonner's) have found both the type of connection (hdmi vs standard digi) and type of wire's has an effect on the final outcome/sound. isolation/vibration control also had an impact and is worth looking into.

no doubt the 381 sounds great. have read almost all good about them. any digital front end at this price point sound fantastic imho. if put together with the right supporting gear, doubt you could go wrong with either.

it alway's seems to boil down to synergy and how well all your stuff works together. that and what you prefer to hear/listen to.

good luck finding out which one's best for you.
I have made some arrangement to listen to both of them again this weekend.By the way, do u also own the Power Plant Premier?How does it sound?Thanks again
i don't use the ppp but do have dedicated lines, good pc's and a cryo'd psa quintet. think my power supply is pretty good at this point. could tell a difference every step of the way as i upgraded the power supply too.

look forward to hearing your thoughts when you get a chance to compare a-b.