Wadia 381 IC and PC

I've seen a few threads concerning PC's, but i take this question a bit further;)
Any Wadia user(s) finding any specific IC's and/ or PC's to really draw the best out of this specific model (381)?
Looking for best control, focus and depth still offering a hint of organic/ warm/ calm/ relaxed presentation. No highlighted/ forward treble response.

All inputs appreciated.

Thank you!
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Elrod Statement PC will add control and depth to the lower end.

Jade Audio IC will bring midrange texture and dimensionality to compliment Wadia's clarity and spacial information. It does not do so at the expense of the upper and lower frequencies. I believe JD has money-back trial periods.
Electraglide Epiphany X: great clarity and transparency and width. Shunyata Phyton CX: adds stability.
Thanks for inputs!

I've tried 3 PC's so far. I am about to try another one soon.

However, as much important PC's is, isolation/ damping is atleast as important IMO.
MAC-Burly for Wadia is a blast. It beats my other chords by far. I must say, this must be MAC's gold piece. I will not remove this one:) I am about to get a Wireworld Gold Eclipse 6. Interesting to hear what that'll do.