Wadia 321 - anyone listened to this dac ?

I just bought a Wadia 321 DAC to use with my Bluesound Node (2021) while my Lumin D2 is getting serviced.  
Has anyone listened to this dac?  I know it is a few years old and I don't care one bit about DSD files.  Do you think that the Wadia dac is better than the Lumin internal wolfson Dac? 

Rest of system is MBL integrated amp with Sonus Faber Sonetto Viii speakers and Rel sub.  All Synergistic Research cabling and power conditioning.  thx 
I been listening to this DAC for years. I can’t compare it to anything other than my previous DAC (Peachtree iDAC). Which it was an improvement over.

I think its very similar to the Mcintosh D100 DAC as they were owned by the Mcintosh Group during production. From what I have been able to tell from reading its a fully balanced implementation of a Sabre 9016s 8 channel chip, obviously including the 9016s digital volume control. I think its a solid DAC and a great deal for what they are normally going for used. Would be interesting to hear what you think when you get you Lumin back and compare.
The cool thing about it is the volume control is that its claimed to be accurate to .5 db.  My pre attenuates in 1db steps so its nice to be able to fine tune it with the DAC.
If you run it with a pre amp the recommendations are to run the volume and 88-90.  But I have seen some that just say set it to 100. 
Couple other notes:
The iDAC at the time was no slouch. It was a dedicated design and compared very favorably to other $1K DACS of that time. Again, the 321 was a bump up as should be expected.

The Wadia 321 is an upsampling DAC and the only way to control that (turn off) is on the USB port through a windows OS driver that you can download through the Wadia product site.

And of course Wadia's Engineers went on to start Exogal