Wadia 321, anyone have experience with this DAC?

My current system consists of:
Wadia Transport
Exogal Comet DAC (replaced Wadia DAC)
Cary SET EL34 based vacuum tube amp: 50 WPC
Classe solid state Monoblocks: 600 WPC
Velodyne SMS bass EQ (woofer section of speaker system)
Infinity Epsilon speaker system
Velodyne DD-18 Sunwoofer
Cardas Golden Cross interconnects and speaker cables
I just bought one new off Agon for $1,000, a great deal. I compared it to the Bel Canto Dac 3 and NAD M51. It bested the Bel Canto in total output, finesse, and certainly bass. The NAD was really close but I preferred the warmer sound of the Wadia on my higher efficiency speakers.

Great system BTW