Wadia 302 vs Meridian g08 or others in price range

What do people with experience think of these two CD players in comparison to one another at similar price ranges? I am very enthusiastic about the Wadia's spline curve algorithms which allow them to add sound between upsampled bits. Coming from a Computer Science background I have studied how these algorithms work in the context of Graphics. Has anyone directly compared the two models?

Considering it is a 500 USD difference and the Wadia has a built in preamp, they are priced similarly. Well, perhaps the Meridian is overpriced in USD due to the value of the USD in other markets.

Anyone have any input and/or advice?

Thank you!
Be sure to add a Linn Ikemi to your list of things to audition. I greatly prefer it to the G08. I haven't heard the Wadia, but do be aware this company has been in and out of business a lot lately. If you are willing to buy used or demo in your price range, also try to hear an Esoteric DV50. I still prefer my Ikemi on redbook (but that is debatable and a matter of personal taste), but the DV50 also has truly excellent SACD playback.