Wadia 302 vs Cary 303/300

Hi all,
I am looking for a CDP with variable volume control. Between 302 & Cary 303/300, which one is more suited for direct output to power amp?
Also are their built on par? how about performance?
please also recommend other CDP (with volume control) at this price ($4k) that i should consider too.

Listen mostly to vocal, light jazz, and smooth music. not fan of complicated music.

Thank you.
Check soundstage review
Thanks. i have already read that, just want to hear more views.

I suggest researching the algorithm Wadia employs to fill the empty space when they up/over-sample (spline fits). I havn't seen a company out there that uses anything better to improve the resolution of the signal in the time domain (disclaimer: not all companies list what they use, though most just use empty space; there might be a few that use algorithms to improve the resolution like Wadia does).

After doing the research I would listen to both as well, if you can.
Wadia Kills no doubt... Its a true Digital correct player, minus the Color of tubes and all the other tricks in the hat it does it right, now Down to the Volume control question, Never in my opinion do I totally like or accept the Straight to amp situation, it always seems any system from digital benifits from a good preamp in there to buffer it or give some life to the sterilness that sometimes occurs.