Wadia 302 vs. Ayre CX-7 e any comments ?

Looking to add one of these two players into my current system. Any comments on both players signature?
I had the opportunity to try both CD players at home and my choice was clearly Wadia. I am lucky to have an excellent dealer who does not mind letting his customers try their expensive products in their home,the most reliable way of knowing what is the right thing for you. First I tried Ayre and nearly bought it because it costs 2 grand less than the Wadia over here. I liked its analytical performance and thought one could not expect more for that kind of price tag, until I heard Wadia 302. `Smooooth` and `sooo musical` sums it up. It takes a long time to break in, so do not jump to any conclusions if your test player is new. The musicality is there right from the beginning but the resolution gets better and better with use. My player was a bit detail-shy at the beginning, compared to the hyper-detailed but not-musical Ayre. After about 100 hours' run-in, the Wadia caught up with Ayre. Everybody who listens to a CD played by my Wadia is amazed at how lifelike are the notes, even the highest octaves.

Although tastes differ, I must stress that the difference between the two CD players is not merely a question of taste. Wadia wins hands down.

Sungur Akgun
Izmir, Turkey
Hi and thanks for your comment. After the Ayre I had the Accuphase DP-67 in my system - quite a jump up the ladder. Now I´m extremely happy with my Audio Aero Capitole MK II with Jensen Paper Coil upgrade - a huge step above both and clearly better then the 861b. Enjoy your 302 it´s a remarkable good product.