Wadia 302

Anybody out there who owns one and could give me some feedback? I'm interested in buying one.
What are the pros and cons (if any). Your comparisons with other CDPs.
I currently have a plinius 9200 integrated amp running a pair of Galo Nucleus Reference 3s. My current CDP is a MF X-ray V3, X-DAC, X-PSU, X-10v3 which does a decent job. But as we all well know, we're never satisfied. Damn!
So any input is always greatly appreciated.
Thanks pingpong but I've read that review and wanted feedback from the good folk that actually bought the damn thing ;-)
I have no experience with the 302, but lot's of experience with the 860 and 861's. And one 860 that had the Reference upgrade from Steve Huntley, at Great Northern Sound. It was the best that I have ever experienced.
You didn't say what price range you were looking at.
I am currently using a Resolution Audio Opus 21 that also has Steve's $1500.00 upgrade. These guys really know there stuff.
Blackest background and lowest noise floor, and most realistic digital playback of anything, except maybe my last 860, that I have ever heard.
You might touch base with him and get his opinion on the 302.
Thanks mike. Shall do.
I own the 302. It is in my second system and goes directly into ASL hurricane. Works great. I like it better than ayre cx 7 which i also owned previously and it has the convenience of going directly. It is bettered by 861.
I have the 301. Great deck, very involving, exlint PRaT. No problems reading disks after 2.5 years. Built like a tank.
I run a Wada 301 which has IMHO the superior Pioneer stable platter transport, the 302 untilizing only a Phillips conventional transport. However the 302 has a much improved desplay, the 301 being simply awful in this respect. Either CDP are superb machines, only bettered by the 861.
I've heard that the platter may be better on the 301 but that the 302 is slightly more musical overall.
Was also thinking of the Cary 303/300 but am not so sure about it. Some like it some don't, got a kind of luke warm review in Stereophile and if you read between lines....
I think I'll stick with the wadia 302. Anyone??