Wadia 301 or ??????

I am looking at buying a Wadia 301. What else can you recommend.

Pass Labs X-1
Pass Labs X-250
Martin Logan's
Cardas Cross
You need to go hear a bunch of CDPs to know which one to buy, each have their own characteristics. EMC-1, Resoultion Audio 21, Sony 777 or SCD-1, Audio Note, Audiomeca, Ayre, GamuT, etc. You need to hear them and make up your own mind.
Bigkidz is absolutely right and I like all of his suggestions better than any wadia(that's my opinion- not fact)- you may want to add the audio aero prima to that list or a used audio aero capitole mkI.
latest version of Audio Aero Prima
I would also reccomend highly the Audio Aero Prima, in fact if is pretty hard to justify the price of the Capitole 2 once you hear how close the Prima comes to it. I know for a fact that in my systems the Prima is far superior to the sound of the Wadia 860x at 1/4th the price, it's a real sleeper player that deserves a look.
Feel free to check out my review of the RA Opus 21 in the reviews section.
Is someone in the posts above an Audio Aero Prima dealer/owner doing some plugging ???
I really like the Wadia 301. I have always been a fan of their equipment. I used to own a Wadia 830 and in some ways regret ever getting rid of it. There are some great CD players available in this price range. I would add the Meridian 588 as a must audition in the three to four thousand dollar retail price point.

Good luck in your purchase.
I don't think so, why do you ask?
I used to own a Wadia 850 and regretfully sold it because I got caught up in the Audio Aero hype and just had to buy a Capitole 24/192. Huge disappointment overall, I must say. I know I'm going to get some hackles up, but that's the way it is. It just put me to sleep, no involvement in the music. Smooth, yes. Good for unobtrusive background listening, especially on female vocals, absolutely. Involving, no. Able to shine on a wide variety of music, 'fraid not. And the build quality, downright scary, especially when coming straight from an 850. I currently own an 830 and am happy again. Neutral, musical, and natural dynamics. Not as good as the 850, but close enough to live with for now. I'm saving up for an 861, but I've heard a lot of good things about the 301 and I don't doubt them.
What about the Ayre CX-7 CD player priced at $2,950? I am considering this unit and hope to listen to it shortly. cheers...
Hgeifman- You should contact a member with the moniker Tok20000 here at audiogon he is very familar with ayre gear and a few other brands as well.....
Yes, go for it.
I have a Wadia 301 with a Pass Labs amp - but with Proacs. Great combination. Truly high resolution and musical.