WADIA S381 any opinion about it ?
My current player is NAIM CD 5i-2 and i like to try something else.
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Who doesn’t want a Wadia? I’m no expert but I have paid attention when one was being used at audio shows I’ve attended. I was told once that the line included a 3,5 and 7 series, at that time, so the 3 series was probably the least expensive. Again, I would be happy to have any one of them. What holds me back? Simply the age of these units. None are cheap, even today, and getting one fixed might be costly. I would say the size of your wallet and the proximity of a reliable tech should be considerations.
The 3 series were not world beaters at the time of their introduction although they were fine dac’s. The 861 se was terrific and the 5 series was pretty good although they gave up some mojo when they changed transports from the Teac.

By today’s standards, they are still good dacs but nothing remarkable. Some believe otherwise but they probably have $10-15k invested and cant let go of the myth...much like those holding on to their Levinson 2 piece transport/dac from the 90’s. Some of the talented Wadia team founded Exogel I believe. No affiliation.
Now I bought Wadia 381 and i must say it sound terrific, i hope it´s work and dont´t have any problems.
Congratulations! I’m hoping it works perfectly for many years. I may pull the trigger on one someday. With my luck, it would work for a month and the transport or laser would need replacement. It’s not the money, it’s trying to find a competent tech who can repair it.
Wadia no longer repairs, modifies, or supports its older products and parts are often unobtainable and the current owner of Wadia has no interest, incentive, or inclination to change their rule, policy, or practice regarding these products you might as well go to your Los Vegas you're odds of winning will be much higher!