Wadia 27ix vs. dCS Elgar / Purcell


Does anybody has had the opportunity to directly compare
Wadia 27ix DAC with dCS Elgar/Purcell combo?

Some people who had this rare opportunity told me Wadia, as good as it was, sounded very much hi-fi in this noble duell. dCS was prised by them to be much more natural, accurate and true to live music.
Still some others disagreed, prefering Wadias warmer, more upfront and direct (?) presentation.

On the contrary, this two well respected companies not a long ago went into discussion about superiority of their respective oversampling and resampling techniques.

What is your expirience?
Yes, we have directly compared the two setups, except our Elgar was an Elgar Plus model. Wadia was dark, reserved, and overall no longer a high end product. the Elgar Plus/ Purcell combo was very dry and hard. Tried to warm it up with tube preamps, different cable combinations, etc. but to no avail. We regretfully gave up on dCS, for the money better sound could be had. Currently the AudioMeca upsampling Enkianthus beats both of these entries. for the money MSB Platinum does a good job. what you probably want is the Theta Gen VIII due on the market in 4-8 weeks, check Theta's website for info.