Wadia 27ix Voltage

Moving back to England and taking my Wadia 27ix which is 110v UK is 220-240v ive asked Wadia but have so far not had a reply, anyone know if they offer a service for altering the voltage or if possible to use on converter, tho i think UK is 60hz
thanks for help
One great alternative is Steve Hunley from Great Northern Sound. Great guy to work with, knowlagable, honest and great service. He used to work for Wadia. He also modifies the units. Check the manufacturers index here at Audiogon.

Good luck
I bought a used Wadia 861 from the US and I live in Norway.
Steve Huntley of Great Northern Sound converted the player
from 120v to 240v. They are an authorized Wadia service
center so the conversion will not interfere with your