Wadia 27ix version 3.0 upgrade?

has anyone had their Wadia 27ix upgraded with the version 3.0 Software? Detail the sonic changes please. Thanks
Call Perrotta Consulting, he is a dealer and just go the new Waida in. Give him a call, he is listed on Agon, nice guy, fair prices and honest, low key.
Call Steve at Great Northern Sound,KNOW one is better than him on the Wadia's!! Great guy and the most HONEST you will find!! IMHO.
Please place yours discoveries here concerning Wadia 27 ixv3.0, not that I can afford it but it would be wonderful just to know how good it is. Some day I could buy it :)
Is it better alone (after v3.0 upgrade) then famous AA Capitole MkII ?? Etc
27ix is better than the AA Capitole MKII before the v3.0 update