Wadia 270se/27ix or DCS Purcell / Delius Combo?

I am looking to upgrade my Levinson 390S to either Wadia (transport & dac) or the DCS (with 390S as transport). Would be interested in recommendations on which way to go.
Get the A M Enkainthus One or mk two and don't bother with the Purcell.(OR the Delius) Less money to begin with---one less ic and box. Nevermind the one less box;it's the sound.----You'll see I'm right.
I guess it probably depends on the type of music you listen to, and what you appreciate most about music reproduction. I've not heard the DCS stuff, but the Wadia combo, particularly when tweaked to its utmost capacity, is an amazing albeit expensive proposition. Stock Wadia is fine, but fully modified and tweaked is in a whole other ballgame. It is a showpiece and is truly mesmerizing. It has tremendous resolution, communicates the emotional quality of the musical piece to an incredible degree, and I don't find it to be fatiguing at all.

Well, i guess my setup is kinda backwards from what you're looking for. i have a GNSC reference modified 270se.....feeding a dCS Purcell and dCS Delius. Absolutely STELLAR!!!!