Wadia 270 upgrade to 270se???

Has any one done this? What do you think? Wadia quoted $1995 for this upgrade. Worth it?
I'll let you know. I'm getting mine back any day now.
I had it done via Great Northern Sound. I was extremely dubious, since I already had their reference mods. But it was worth it, and I would do it again, no question about it.
wadia quoted me $2500 six months ago has the upgrade price actually been reduced? Can GNSC perform the SE upgrade? Thought they previously said they couldn't in email correspondence with me maybe I'm mistaken?

The price of it was and still is $1995...We can indeed do it at GNSC for you if you have already had the unit modified by us or are having one of our 2 upgrades installed at the same time. We have no desire to directly compete with Wadia for their upgrades...we offer our own. Unless you want or already have our upgrades, you should go through your dealer or contact Wadia for the SE.

Best wishes,
Steve Huntley
hello Steve in your opinion which way would sound better having your reference modification for both the 27ix and the 270 transport or having the reference modification for the 270 + the SE mod and leaving the 27ix stock?
I'm happy to provide a candid reply to that question but I prefer to keep my personal opinions limited to off-line discussions whenever possible. Happy to help with technical questions, but I dont want to get into what would be perceived as self-promotion here. Shoot me an email.