Wadia 270 Transport w/non Wadia DAC

Just curious about Wadia 270 transport performance with DACs other than Wadia. Is anyone currently using this combo or have you experimented with this transport? I own one but have only used it with Wadia DAC. Wondering about 270 versatility. Thanks!
still one of the best available regardless of the DAC used
Tried it with a Theta and dCS DAC but those are no danger for the Wadia 27ix. I think the clocklink is the key to the wonderful reproduction of all kinds of music you get from this combo. What I find interesting is that some CDs like the Resolution mode A and some are better with B - again others are best when Resolution mode is switched off. But try and switch off clocklink and everything collapses. Amazing!
I agree with the post above: the 270 is hardly to be beaten. A pity that the SE upgrade is THAT expensive!
Aida, I had the SE platter assembly with full damping installed by GNSC. They dampen every possible area of the mechanism even the drawer. I was able to hold and compare the current and SE assemblies. All I can say is: the SE unit is robust. Nice piece of work too, real quality. Sounds great but I agree, a little pricey.