WADIA 270/27ix vs. CAPITOLE

Has anybody auditioned these two units in the same chain? What's your opinion?
I am a dealer for Audio Aero so this post may seem a bit biased.

I had the Wadia combo, which I had taken in on trade just prior to the Audio Aero arriving for us to audition. I was not that impressed with it. I found it very hifi sounding and quite aggressive. The Wadia lacked musicality. The Capitole was very clearly superior. The only CD player that I have heard that even compares with the Capitole is the Linn CD-12 at $20,000.

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WOW!! Thats a RECORD!! Jtinn's answer wrapped up a thread with his 1 post!!! And same day! Amazing!
I have the Wadia 860 and i know someone that has the Audio Aero Tube CD Player. They sound totally different. The Wadia is more of a dynamic type sound. Where the Audio Aero is a warm romantic sound.