Wadia 270/27 vs. Esoteric P70/D70


How's the sonic signature different? Are they comparable in level but different tastes only? Reliability?

I'm looking to upgrade my system by incorporating a transport + a DAC with volume control to use direct to my amp (McIntosh MC275 + B&W 804s). Been doing a fair amount of reading but haven't seen much in terms of comparison (not even between the brands, which is strange...).

Note the decoding computer is a 27 (no an i or ix version), and the transport is 270 (not an SE), for price reasons.
Have seen great things said about GNSC mods for Wadia and RAM mods for Esoteric. Might consider them down the road.

Seems like either combo would cost about the same (around $6500). Both are older devices, however, and a lot has been said about the evolution of digital in the last years. Also considered Emm CDSD/DCC2, but several people reported reliability issues, which for me are unacceptable at this price point.

I listen to mostly small ensemble-type music: jazz, blues, rock, and a little large-scale classical.

Thanks for any and all input!
You may want to consider a one box solution with the Wadia. The 581SE will provide you better overall performance at around the same price or better yet cheaper. I believe Steve @ GNSC and John @ Wadia will confirm this for you.

Thanks for the tip. Looking into GNSC web site I discovered they don't mod the 270/27, which I thought they did.
So it looks more like a 581SE vs P70/D70 thread, although the 27 allows for more inputs.

Are you able to comment of the sound signature differences between Esoteric and Wadia?

Esoterics are said to be very reliable. Are Wadias as reliable (considering I'll buy something used and keep it for many years, and will be far from available service).

Anybody else?

You can search the forums for comments on the sonic differences between the Wadia and Esoteric.
I have owned the Wadia 581SE and think it is a great machine. I currently have the Wadia 521 with the 170 transport in a second system.
I am purchasing the new Wadia 922/932 with their new SACD transport.
I have never had a problem with any of the Wadia's I have owed. They are very reliable and the crew @ Wadia are awesome.