Wadia 23 Cd player or Teac P2 Transport ?

Hi All,

I just purchased a Wadia 23 CD Player yesterday and today I have been offered a TEAC P2 CD Transport for a good price.

I purchased the Wadia largely as a transport as I already have a Musical Fidelity Trivista 21 DAC. Would the transport in the Teac be superior to the Wadia 23's transport? From what I understand this model of the Wadia uses the Pioneer Stable platter mechanism, where the Teac P2 uses a Teac VRDS mechanism.

Help please, what would you choose? I am tempted to get both and experiement but this has a very low WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). Also any comments on both these units reliabilty ?

Thanks in Advance
I looked at both transports when getting mine.
While I ended up with a Parsound (CEC) belt drive I came very close to buying the teac.

The P2 was teac's best mechanism at the time and is very good. Even thought it is older I would guess it sounds as good and maybe better than the 23. I would contact Steve at Great Northern Sound. He is very helpful and could easily answer this question for you.

He specializes in servicing and upgrading Wadia equipment.

Nick is right. I think the Wadia 2000 used a modified version of the Teac(I'm not sure about later models).